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Replacement / Refund Policy:


*If the product has been opened and consumed AMAZE TECHNOLOGY will not give a refund or make an exchange. Burned, broken, wet, & any types of physical damaged products warranty became invalid & does not consist any refund or replacement.



All the ‘approved products’ purchased on the AMAZE TECHNOLOGY Website are covered by the AMAZE TECHNOLOGY Replacement / Returns and refund Policy. AMAZE TECHNOLOGY will use commercial quality skilled worker for installation to keep your product at a consistently safe also very carefully it leaves the business premises of suppliers.


AMAZE TECHNOLOGY employs a collection/delivery system whereby AMAZE TECHNOLOGY staffs are required to check the order, use a vehicle to deliver the product at the point when AMAZE TECHNOLOGY staff picks up the orders from suppliers/ Partners. This system further requires AMAZE TECHNOLOGY staff to formally record the time at which the pick-up was made in company of a representative/staff of supplier/partner. When AMAZE TECHNOLOGY staff delivers the order to customers, they will re-check the order in the presence of the customers. This will ensure that there will not be any issues regarding wrong product, missed product or bad product.


Return/Refund With Proof of Purchase


It’s a rare case, but possible. If the ‘approved products’ that you purchase on the SHOPPING EXPRESS Website are damaged, wrongly given or if you are not satisfied with them, AMAZE TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to have the order assessed for acceptable quality prior to providing you with a suitable remedy such as a refund of the purchase price or and exchange of the order. For orders that cannot be resolved, we will arrange for the supplier/ Partner to communicate directly with you.


As a customer, you have the right to obtain the contact details of the AMAZE TECHNOLOGY dealers Partners. In order to make a claim under our Returns and Refund Policy, you must return the product to AMAZE TECHNOLOGY.  

AMAZE TECHNOLOGY will return the product to the supplier be required to provide identification showing your name, address and signature and any other details that might be required by AMAZE TECHNOLOGY in order to resolve the issue.


Return or cancelation of order

We are very sorry to inform you that there will not be any refund if you change your mind regarding the order after the delivery has been made.  Please contact us for more information.


Feel free to contact us at if you have any enquiries regarding the return policy.



**The redelivery address must be the same as the previous address used in the order.

( operated under/by Bangladesh business  name AMAZE TECHNOLOGY)